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Caring for outdoor clematis

This is how fresh and lush most clematis can look when they are cared for correctly.

Buy only healthy clematis

If you want to ensure that you get a healthy plant from your chosen nursery, look at the foliage and growth and see if it looks fresh and healthy. Examine the roots to ensure that they are full of vitality and are light in colour.

Planting of clematis

Clematis can be planted all year round if they are bought in pots. It must be ensured that the plant does not dry out in the first few weeks after it has been planted.

Clematis should be planted in nutrient-rich soil up against walls, trees and trellises where the plant is able to grow upwards with plenty of space. Clematis can be planted in sun, in partial sun or in shade. If the plants are planted in full sunlight, it is a good idea to ensure that the roots are in the shade so that they do not dry out.

Plant the clematis in a large and deep hole. If the roots are tangled, loosen them carefully before placing the plant in the hole. Place the root ball approx. 10 centimetres below the surface. When the soil has been patted carefully into place, the plant should be given plenty of water. If the plant already has long branches, these should be tied up.

Fertiliser for clematis

To achieve good growth and beautiful flowers fertilise 2-3 times a year – for the first time in late spring and for the last time before 1 August.

Pruning of clematis

Clematis in the FLORA™, BOULEVARD® and GARLAND® collections flower on new shoots – with the exception of evergreens which flower on biennial shoots. This means that they can be pruned in the spring, if required.

Clematis in the Regal® collection flower on biennial shoots so they require only light or no pruning.

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