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Caring for indoor roses

This is how impressive a rose can become if it is cared for correctly Buy only healthy plants

Buy only healthy roses

If you want to ensure that you get a healthy plant from your chosen nursery, look at the foliage and growth and see if it looks fresh and healthy. The plants must not have withered leaves or bare branches, and the roots must be fresh and healthy.

All Poulsen Roser’s potted roses have Long Decorative Value™. This means that the roses are of exceptionally high quality and are extremely hardy – which allows them to look perfect just after production, during transport, at the retailer and with the end customer.

Poulsen Roser guarantees that roses with Long Decorative Value™ are able to withstand 11 days’ transport, refrigeration and shelf-life in the retail outlet. After this, the fantastic quality keeps for at least two weeks with the consumer.

Position of indoor roses 

Potted roses love sunlight. Place your plant in as much light as possible, but not in direct sunlight in the warmest months. Roses do not like high temperatures. They can be kept at normal room temperature, but if the rose is placed in a slightly cooler place with plenty of light, it will last longer and flower again and again.

Plant care

The roses must be watered regularly and must not be allowed to dry out or be soaked in water. If possible, water the rose from below and avoid watering the leaves.

During growth periods, when the buds are in growth, they should be watered with liquid fertiliser once a week. During flowering, they require fewer nutrients.

If the dead flowers are removed or if the rose is lightly pruned, it will produce new green leaves and flower again and again.

The roses that can be used indoors can also be placed outside on the patio, on the balcony or in garden beds after the first flowering. This will produce even stronger growth and flowering. Please note that the colour of the flowers changes slightly when the plant is placed outdoors.

Collections suitable for indoors.

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