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If you are a broker, producer, exporter or other professional, please contact us to find out how to become a partner of Poulsen Roser products.

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Producers must be logget on to order plants. Please order your plants in June-July and no later than 15. August.


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Easy and quick production process using plants from Poulsen®

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  • Wide product range – from indoor miniature roses to outdoor climbing roses and clematis
  • Only 7-9 weeks’ production time
  • All our roses are produced as container roses on their own root - just with one cutting
  • 30% lower energy input then other standard varieties on the market
  • Extremely production-friendly varieties, cost-effective production
  • All main varieties can be grown on own root with just one cutting
  • Simple production process and user-friendly growing manuals
  • Top quality products supplied by professional brokers located in most parts of the world
  • Exceptionally high quality and hardiness – which allows them to look perfect just after production, during transport, in the retailer and with the end customer

Production calendar

Long cycle-program for outdoor roses


Produktionskalender GBP

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