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Where to buy our plants


Check out the latest beautiful roses and clematis. Producers must log in to see the new introductions.

Our roses and clematis win several awards every year for their beauty, fragrance and hardiness.


See how to plant and care for your roses and clematis.

Where are the plants produced

Roses and clemats breed by Poulsen Roser can be purchased at well stocked garden centres and retailers. If your local garden centre can't get the variety that you are looking for, you can find the closest producer in the search box below.

Poulsen Roser is a breeder of new rose and clematis varieties. We don't have any production or sale of plants. Our roses and clematis are produced byn independent  nurseries in more thank 60 countries

For professionals

If you are a broker, a producer, exporter or proffesionnal , please contact us to buy young plants or finished plants developed by Poulsen Roser.

Become a broker or a producer

If you are a broker, producer, exporter or other professional, please contact us to find out how to become a producer of Poulsen Roser products.

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