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Towne & Country®


Low landscape roses for parks and gardens

TOWNE & COUNTRY® roses are available in three heights: Low, COVER® roses: 40-60 cm Medium, COVER® roses: 60-100 cm Tall, BORDER® roses: 100-150 cm Follow the care guide at The low TOWNE & COUNTRY® roses are dense ground-covering landscape roses. The flowers contain large amounts of nectar and honey. Some of the varieties produce hips in beautiful colours. Flowering continues throughout the season. The plants are hardy and robust and quickly reach a good size
The low TOWNE & COUNTRY® roses are suitable as hedges or ground cover in large and small beds. Ideal when a bed needs to give the impression of uniform cover and fill – for example, in gardens and parks and on roadsides. Very healthy and hardy landscape roses for gardens, parks and roads

TOWNE & COUNTRY® main varieties - (the best varieties)
Historical TOWNE & COUNTRY® roses - (limited production and availability)
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