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<b>VICTORIAN™</b> <b>Nostalgic garden clematis</b> <p>

The flowers in this clematis collection have a classic 'old-fashioned' look with small and narrow petals. The varieties come in blue and bluish purple. The plants flower from early summer until late autumn. They are compact and bushy and very strong and hardy. <p>
These clematis can be grown up walls or as free-standing trees, bushes or low bushes. <p>

Place in a sunny or partially sunny location, preferably with their roots in the shade. Clematis from this collection need only light or no pruning. <p>

Pot size : 15 - 19 cm Height : 100 - 300 cm <p>

VICTORIAN™ main varieties - (the best varieties)
Historical VICTORIAN™ Clematis - (limited production and availability)
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