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<b>GARDINI™</b> </b>Large-flowering garden clematis</b> <p>

Compact, medium-sized plants with open and free-flowering flowers in many different colours. Repeated flowering from early spring to late summer. They flower from the lower axillary buds and from the ends of the stalks which means that they produce flowers from the bottom and right up to the top of the plant. These clematis are healthy and hardy. <p>
They are ideal for pots on e.g. the patio. They also grow well on pergolas and up trees and walls. <p>

Place in a sunny or partially sunny location with their roots in the shade. They experience strong growth in the spring and can be pruned during this period. <p>

Pot size : 15 - 19 cm Height : 150 - 200 cm <p>

GARDINI™ main varieties - (the best varieties)
Historical GARDINI™ Clematis - (limited production and availability)
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