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Clematis Collections


Clematis with repeat flowering for patios and balconies

Pot size: 19-23 cm
Height: 100-200 cm

Compact, medium-sized clematis with repeat flowering from early spring to late summer. These clematis flower evenly from the very bottom of the plant, not just at the top.

The plants in this collection are healthy, winter-hardy and easy to grow. BOULEVARD® Floral (100-150 cm) can be placed indoors as flowering house plants before they are planted outdoors. BOULEVARD® Patio (150-200 cm) are fantastic in pots on the patio and are a perfect colorful highlight in small urban gardens and on balconies. BOULEVARD® Evergreen, which are green year round , are ideal for pots on the patio as well as up against pergolas, trees and walls.


Rich flowering garden clematis

Pot size: 15-19 cm
Height: 200-300 cm

The flowers in this beautiful collection of fast-growing and upright, free-flowering clematis come in many different colours, shapes and sizes. They have many small, nodding flowers for a long lasting season mid-summer to autumn. As most of the varieties in this collection have been improved from wild and hardy clematis varieties, they are resistant to wilt disease. They are therefore very winter-hardy in cold climates, but also flower very well in warmer climates.

These clematis are quickly able to cover a trellis or extent the flowering of a rose or small tree with their fine flowers.


Miniature clematis for indoor and outdoor use

Pot size: 15-19 cm
Height: 40-60 cm

Small, compact miniature clematis with beautiful, large flowers. They have Long Decorative Value meaning they have an extremely long flowering period indoor. All varieties in the collection are fully winter-hardy.

The plants are only 25 cm in height on purchase and they can be used indoors like any other flowering pot plant. After flowering indoors, they can be pruned lightly, re-potted and planted in the garden where they will flower again. Their compactness and spread can also make a fine ground cover outdoors as well as hanging baskets on balconies.


Large-flowering garden clematis

Pot size: 15-19 cm
Height: 150-200 cm

Compact, medium-sized plants with open and free-flowering flowers in many different colours. Repeated flowering from early spring to late summer. They flower from the lower axillary buds and from the ends of the stalks which means that they produce flowers from the bottom and right up to the top of the plant. These clematis are healthy and hardy.

They are ideal for pots on e.g. the patio. They also grow well on pergolas and up trees and walls.


Cascades of flowers indoors and outdoors

Pot size: 15-19 cm
Height: 200-300 cm

Varieties in the GARLAND® collection are richly flowering with up to 20-30 flowers per plant. Numerous flowers are elegantly displayed when wrapped on a hoop. The flowering is very long-lasting, up to eight weeks, indoors.

After flowering they are ready for planting outdoors in the spring. Cultivate outdoors as other garden clematis on a trellis, up a tree or a wall.


Garden clematis with huge flowers
New World™

Pot size: 15-19 cm
Height: 100-200 cm

These impressive clematis have a long flowering period from mid-summer until early autumn. The early summer flowers are 15 cm in diameter. Subsequent flowers become smaller as the season progresses. They are fully winter-hardy.

The plants look fantastic up against a wall, pergola, bushes and other climbing plants, but also in pots with trellises.


Healthy and hardy garden clematis

Pot size: 12-17 cm
Height:100-150 cm

These clematis are easy to grow and have a long flowering period from mid-summer into the autumn. The small to medium-sized nodding flowers are also suitable as cut flowers. They originate from wild varieties growing on the Canadian prairies. They are therefore extremely healthy and winter-hardy.

They do not grow very tall and are therefore suitable for covering bushes or filling empty spaces after early flowering herbaceous perennials in garden beds.


Elegant clematis with large, full or half-full flowers

Pot size: 12-19 cm
Height: 150-200 cm

These beautiful clematis have double or semi-double flowers. The flowering period is long - from late spring until autumn. During subsequent flowering, the flowers are also double or semi-double which is rare for clematis.

They can be grown on trellises and pergolas or in pots on the patio or balcony.


Nostalgic garden clematis

Pot size: 15-19 cm
Height: 100-300 cm

The flowers in this clematis collection have a classic 'old-fashioned' look with small and narrow petals. The varieties come in blue and bluish purple. The plants flower from early summer until late autumn. They are compact and bushy and very strong and hardy.

These clematis can be grown up walls or as free-standing trees, bushes or low bushes.

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