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Our roses and clematis win several awards every year for their beauty, fragrance and hardiness.


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Find the right plant

Find the rose or clematis that exactly matches the colour, height and look you have in mind for a specific loaction.

Research projects

As there is still a great need for knowledge about the properties of roses and their genetic composition, Poulsen Roser carries out a number of research projects to highlight specific issues. These are related to breeding, growing and durability. Based on consumer requirements for good and durable potted roses, Poulsen Roser carries out regular durability tests of their licensed producers potted roses.

Partnership with Danmarks JordbrugsForskning

In partnership with Danmarks JordbrugsForskning, Årslev, Department of Ornamental Plants and Vegetable Food, Poulsen Roser has developed a test concept with which to check the durability of potted roses. Testing takes place at Danmarks JordbrugsForskning, Årslev, Department of Ornamental Plants and Vegetable Food and at the University of Florida in the United States, depending on where in the world the breeder is located.

Poulsen Roser is the only breeding company that subjects its producers to independent checks of their end products with a view to ensuring consumers the most durable product possible.

Every year, 200,000 roses are produced solely for research, quality control and production test purposes.

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