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Our roses and clematis win several awards every year for their beauty, fragrance and hardiness.


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Find the right plant

Find the rose or clematis that exactly matches the colour, height and look you have in mind for a specific loaction.

Quality production

Poulsen Roser neither produces nor sells roses and clematis. We work only on the development of new rose and clematis varieties.

Production takes place at top-level, independent nurseries in more than 60 countries all over the world. More than 30 million Poulsen® plants are produced annually.

A handful of these nurseries are propagation nurseries producing young plants of extremely high quality for other nurseries who then complete the production of the plants for retail outlets.

Poulsen Roser strives to ensure that only the very best products of the highest quality find their way into the shops. We therefore allow only the very best nurseries to produce our roses and clematis.

Plants from Poulsen Roser have been especially developed for modern and efficient production. Production methods are surprisingly simple and cost-effective for the production nursery.

Become a breeder or broker

If you are a broker, breeder, exporter or other professional, please contact us to find out how to become a breeder or provider of Poulsen Roser products.

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